golden folded vessels
3d form guided by 2d line

Formed by a combination of digitally controlled and manual processes, these works can decorate a wall as well as a table.

A CNC router cuts the pattern I designed, this guides the manual deformation of the aluminium composite material into a 3d form. The surface treatment translates the appearance of the material from the industrial to the manually formed design object. This aluminium composite sheet material is lightweight, durable and colourfast, all qualities that make them ideal for creating lasting individually designed works.

Wave 1 gold, 2012, 910 x 350 x 75 mm, aluminium composite and delrin
Curve/Curve gold, 585 x 480 x 95mm
Curve/Straight gold, 9/2012, 633 x 470 x 60 mm, aluminium composite
Centre square gold, 2012, 650 x 450 x 110 mm, Aluminium composite
Straight/Straight/gold, 2012, 690 x 430 x 80 mm, Aluminium composite

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